Saturday, 2 October 2010

Science & science fiction: two worlds meet

"This is the future really ... The 21st century is going to be full of developments like this."
Bruce Sterling, interviewed by Euronews in September 2010.

Euronews have just released a short documentary exploring the intersection between science and science fiction. It is online in various languages, here:

The documentary takes Europe's Museum of Science Fiction (Maison d'Ailleurs: as a case study, focusing on their collaborations with science institutions such as the European Space Agency, and their recent exhibition of robotic art by Ken Rinaldo.
It analyses how engineers and scientists have taken inspiration for important research and inventions from imaginative stories and artistic work created throughout the 19th and 20th century. The documentary reveals that much of what used to be considered science fiction - from the imagined worlds of Jules Vernes and Arthur C Clarke, to futuristic machines and journeys into space - is now reality.

The documentary features interviews with writers, Alastair Reynolds and Bruce Sterling, artist, Ken Rinaldo and the director of the museum, Patrick Gyger.


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